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"We spend 30 percent of our lives sleeping so why not make the most of it?
Customer service is key to Sleepenvie and our mattresses are the best on the market. Our Signature, Sofie and Hunter mattresses gives everyone the opportunity to match their sleep with their lifestyle. You sleep great and we pay it forward with portions from every sale.
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Welcome to Sleepenvie!

Welcome to Sleepenvie!

Sleepenvie knows that your bed is more than a mattress, and we don’t want you to have another restless night’s sleep again. Our memory foam hybrid mattresses do more than just provide a place to sleep, they offer an experience. No matter the type of sleeper you are, Sleepenvie has mattresses, pillows, and accessories that offer a heightened sleeping experience.

Take advantage of our free shipping, free returns, and the 100-night trial on our memory foam hybrid mattresses—shopping for a good night’s sleep has never been easier!

Les avantages d'une bonne nuit de sommeil

Réveillez-vous plus heureux

Getting proper shut eye can contribute To a better sex life.

Réveillez-vous en santé

Getting proper rest has shown to help with overall improvement with health. Lack of sleep increases your chance of getting sick, who wants that?

Calibrer votre horloge interne

You are able to learn better with a good night sleep

Restez alerte

Believe it or not your sleep does impact your memory so if you have an important test or meeting its just as crucial to prepare by getting a good night’s rest.

Recharge mind and body

Réveillez-vous revitalisé, énergisé et rajeuni. Tous les jours, vous vous réveillerez prêt à affronter tous les défis, petits et grands. En vous étendant sur votre Sleepenvie, le soir, rincez et répétez.

Soyez matinal

Nous sommes désolés d’être porteurs de mauvaise nouvelle… Ce n’est pas le café qui vous fera sortir de votre torpeur ou qui chassera votre mauvaise humeur… Vous avez besoin de bien dormir.

Notre Histoire

We want to improve your overall sleep experience so that all the other aspects of your life can be optimized.